Back in 1967, a huge contingent of self-identified hippies gathered in San Francisco and other major cities for a social phenomenon known as the “Summer of Love.”  The event sparked a major cultural shift in our country, advancing free love; that is, the concept of having sexual relations without responsibility.  This mindset led directly to – and depended heavily on – social acceptance of abortion, the mechanism that facilitates this free love.

Fast forward to present day, some 46 years and well over 56 million deaths from abortion later, and our society is starting to figure out that “free love” is not what it was billed to be.

With the number of infants killed by abortionists exceeding the population of every state in the union, along with the well-documented harms sustained by women often duped or coerced into the procedure, abortion is not free and hardy represents love.

However, the wave of pro-life victories this summer may prove to be the turning point in the war against abortion.  Let’s pray that this is the summer of TRUE love!

Posted by Nate Kellum