Laramie, Wyoming — August 18, 2023.  Today, the Center for Religious Expression (CRE) won a Motion for Preliminary Injunction (MPI) on behalf of Todd Schmidt, who in December of 2022 was silenced by the University of Wyoming for publicly affirming the Biblical truth that God created two genders and only two genders.

For the last 17 years, Todd Schmidt has been speaking with the students at the University of Wyoming at a table in a campus breezeway every Friday as a part of an outreach ministry of his church where he serves as a ruling elder.  At Todd’s table, he gives away books and other forms of literature for free on various topics.  On the front of the table, Todd uses a sign with removable letters and changes out the messaging as a way of sparking conversation with students.

Upon hearing that one of the sororities on campus had allowed Artemis Langford, a biological male claiming to be a woman to become a member, Todd felt convicted that he needed to say something.  At his next tabling event, Todd wrote on his sign: “God created them male and female and Artemis Langford is a male.”  Soon thereafter, the Dean of Students told Todd to alter his message. Not wanting controversy, Todd complied, but rightfully felt his speech had been censored.  That day, he had civil conversations with students who agreed and disagreed with his message.  Several students even thanked him for his message.

But the conflict did not end there.  Once several alumni heard about Todd’s sign, they asked for him to be banned from the breezeway.  The University caved to their demands, barring Todd from having a table in the breezeway.  CRE took on Todd’s case requesting a preliminary injunction so that Todd could continue dialoging with students.  Today, CRE’s efforts were rewarded, allowing Todd to regain his table as well as his right to speak.

“Christians have a right to share their opinions too.”, said CRE Chief Counsel, Nate Kellum.  “It does not matter if Christian speech is controversial, like all speech, it is protected under the First Amendment.”

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