Memphis, Tennessee – April 8, 2015. Nate Kellum, CRE Chief Counsel provided the following public statement to the press regarding the religious liberty bills in Indiana and Arkansas.

We find ourselves in a culture where it is becoming increasingly difficult for a Christian to be and act like a Christian in public. Those in power are exhibiting less and less tolerance for expressions of faith outside church walls, encroaching on freedom of belief and conscience.

Regrettably, Activists have mischaracterized the content of these religious liberty laws and corporate citizens have followed their lead blindly without knowing how these laws actually read. Contrary to reports, these religious liberty laws do not facilitate discrimination against anyone. They are designed to protect religious freedom.

The freedom to live according to one’s conscience, faith-based or not, is a cherished American value. The proposed laws in Indiana and Arkansas are needed to protect this freedom of conscience, so citizens are not coerced to participate in activities that violate deeply-held religious beliefs.

Posted by Nate Kellum