Denver, Colorado — April 8, 2022.  Today, a federal court in Colorado acknowledged Joseph Maldonado’s right to share the Gospel at Red Rocks Mountain park, issuing a judgment in his favor.  CRE represents Maldonado in this case.

In April of 2019, Maldonado went to Red Rocks Mountain Park to share the good news of Jesus Christ with concert attendees outside of the park’s amphitheater. He respectfully shares his faith with people who walk past him.  But Denver police forced Maldonado to relocate or face criminal citation.  Park officials said he could only speak in 5 remote, isolated spots in the park, which restricted his mission to reach others with the gospel. After the city of Denver denied him relief, Maldonado reached out to CRE for help, who filed a lawsuit on his behalf.

Today, the Center for Religious Expression obtained victory in the district court, not only for Maldonado, but for anyone wanting to exercise their First Amendment rights in Red Rocks Mountain park.  The judgment requires Denver to amend their policy and allow free speech in public spaces inside the park.  Maldonado is now free to share the hope of Jesus with anyone attending amphitheater events in Red Rocks Mountain park.

“Today justice and common sense prevailed. Mr. Maldonado is free to share the gospel in a public park.” said CRE Chief Counsel Nate Kellum.  “This victory is a victory for everyone who loves religious freedom.”

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