Concord, New Hampshire — May 14, 2018. The Center for Religious Expression (CRE) recently secured constitutional freedom to peacefully share religious views on the campus of New Hampshire Technical Institute Community College (NHTI).

David Leak is a Christian apologist who wants to reach college students with the gospel. After being invited to speak to a Christian club on the NHTI campus, he wanted to strike up friendly conversations with students in outdoor areas of campus. But, when he advised NHTI administrators of this desire, they informed Leak that he could not do so without complying with a burdensome school policy. Characterizing his religious conversations as “solicitation,” NHTI informed Leak that he must pay to rent an area of campus and purchase $2,000,000 in insurance, just to talk to students.

Leak cannot afford to pay such an exorbitant high price for speech. CRE sent a letter on his behalf to school officials, pointing out the constitutional infirmity of NHTI’s application of its policy and requesting that NHTI allow Leak to freely engage in conversation on NHTI’s campus. After receiving this information, NHTI responded positively by acknowledging its shortcomings and assuring that it would revise its policies and allow Leak to talk to students without having to pay expensive fees.

“Fees and insurance requirements are only appropriate for large events like concerts, not simple conversations,” said CRE Chief Counsel Nate Kellum. “Free speech must remain free.”