Austin, Texas February 8, 2023. The Center for Religious Expression is proud to work with Justice for All in its quest to inspire honest conversations with students about abortion. Justice for All is a Pro-Life organization that trains advocates, sponsors discussions, and holds exhibits about abortion and the arguments for protecting the unborn. Rather than being aggressive, Justice for All prioritizes dialogue and seeks to spread the pro-life message through charitable and fair conversations with those willing to participate.

Despite the group’s fair and respectful nature, the University of Texas at Austin intended to place heavy restrictions on a potential Justice for All event on campus in the fall of 2022. The university insisted on restricting the types of signs Justice for All could display, violating Texas state law which holds public university campuses as traditional public forums open for all.

Feeling like the university was unfairly targeting them, Justice for All contacted CRE about this injustice. The Center for Religious Expression began communicating with the university, demonstrating to UT that they were unjustly targeting Justice for All. The University of Texas previously allowed other groups to hold events with large signs and messages, exactly how Justice of All sought to do. However, the university was treating Justice for All differently because of its pro-life message and purpose. Additionally, the university’s time, place, and manner restrictions on Justice for All violated Texas state law which opens public university campuses to all, regardless of their message. Eventually, the University of Texas capitulated and allowed Justice for All to hold its event on UT Austin’s campus restriction free. CRE was thrilled to help Justice for All secure their right to express and spread the pro-life message at American university campuses.

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