CRE recently gained a new client, Matthew Meinecke, an evangelist in the Seattle area who seeks to share his faith at local events in Washington state. At a Pride event, Matt read through Romans, 1 Corinthians, and the Gospel of Matthew and at an abortion rally, he read the Gospel of John. Hostile to the message, angry attendees began kicking his Bible around like a soccer ball eventually throwing it into a public toilet. They also held up transgender and gay pride flags to block people from seeing him. They danced provocatively and made barking noises in order to prevent others from hearing the gospel. He was not talking about homosexuality or abortion. These were direct attacks on the gospel.  Though Matt was mocked, had his property taken and destroyed (his shoe and multiple Bibles), and was dragged on the ground and slammed on the pavement by Antifa, the police did not come to his aid and instead arrested him. This is a major violation of religious freedom.  For more on Matt’s story, watch the video from Twitter below.  Note: This video contains profanity directed at Matt and and also at God by a Pride event attendee and is not suited for children under 18.