Phoenix, Arizona — November 20, 2018.  Today, the Arizona Supreme Court agreed to hear a case concerning the right of artists to decline to create and write messages that betray and violate their Christian conscience.

Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski are Christians who operate Brush and Nib Studio, an art studio through which they create custom hand-painted artwork and calligraphy for event invitations and décor.  But the City of Phoenix is threatening to shut down their business and impose criminal fines because they would rather not produce artwork with messages promoting same-sex marriage.  According to the City, citizens must write the message espousing the blessing of God on a same-sex marriage if they write God blesses an opposite-sex marriage.

Joanna and Breanna have sought relief from Arizona state courts, but to date, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.  CRE has submitted amicus briefs on behalf of Joanna and Breanna in Arizona state courts, highlighting the obvious unconstitutionality of forcing artists to write specific words and messages they do not wish to write.  Artists should decide what to create, not government officials.

Please pray the Arizona Supreme Court will uphold the rights of the Christian artists in this vitally important case.  The right of conscience is on the line.

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