Last week the city council in San Antonio expanded its “non-discrimination” ordinance to include categories for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Though trumpeted as a vote for fairness, the law has the effect of blacklisting bible-believing Christians and anyone else who would dare affirm traditional marriage.

Laws creating protections for sexual activity and expression are not novel. Cities and states around the country have enacted legislation curbing government entities from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in their hiring practices. But San Antonio has taken the next step with a significantly broader measure. There, anyone who wants to work for, with, or in the city falls within the proscription.

And the ban goes beyond employment, punishing speech – and even beliefs – about homosexual or transgendered behavior. The law precludes “bias, by word or deed, against any person, group of persons, or organization on the basis of…sexual orientation, gender identity….”

The implications of this law are staggering.

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Posted by Nate Kellum