If you haven’t heard by now, the U.S. Supreme Court, ruled 5 to 3 against a common sense law for the abortion industry in the case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Previously, Texas had a law requiring all abortion providers and clinics to have admitting privileges to hospitals for their patients. This law was for the protection of the mother, and potentially for any child born surviving an abortion procedure, allowing the aborting physician to transfer their patient to the hospital in an emergency. This same admitting privilege is required for all other out-patient surgery centers in the state of TX, but no longer for abortion clinics.

One might wonder why this common sense requirement was considered unconstitutional. The abortion clinics argued that this requirement was unconstitutional because it restricted abortion and abortion is so safe that a woman is at 14 times greater risk of death if she gives birth to a child. Where did they get this preposterous claim? From the testimony of one abortion provider who cited her own study. This one study was used as evidence, in spite of Planned Parenthood’s own reported numbers that there are approximately 210 women annually who are admitted to the hospital due to complications from an abortion.

If Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are really working to provide for the care of women, why then are they so against the safe care of women in an emergency? I believe any open-minded individual can figure it out. The abortion industry is more interested in turning a profit, than helping women. One would think that we could all agree to protect the health and life of women in a life-threatening emergency. But not when it hurts the bottom line of this practice. Make no mistake about it, abortion is a lucrative business, a reported $831 million dollar annual industry!

The SCOTUS decision regarding this Texas law should concern us all for the future of regulations and restrictions regarding the abortion industry, the unborn, and consequently the care for the health and life of women in this country.

Center for Religious Expression

Posted by Nate Kellum