Clearing the Path for Truth

Get Informed

With the wide-spread availability of abortion, the threat of same-sex "marriage," and the proliferation of pornography, there is much in our culture that warrants concern. In addressing these concerns, at Center for Religious Expression, we do not focus on these issues per se; rather, we defend the freedom of Christians to speak out on these issues - along with the gospel message of Jesus Christ - in the public square.

The "public square" has both a figurative and literal meaning.  It can be a street corner, a park, a sidewalk, a bulletin board, a blog, a break-room at work, a play-ground at school, an accessible outside area on a college campus, or an actual public square where you can put down a soap box and say your peace.  Basically, the public square is any place where, as citizens, we have the freedom to walk and talk.  At CRE, we defend your rights.

Arguably, this place (the public square) is the most important spot in the world because it is here where we - as a society - decide who we are and who we will be.  Not in the Capitol building, not in the Oval Office, not even in the Supreme Court building, but it is in the public square where we consider - and resolve - the issues of the day.

At CRE, we believe the Christian's right to speak in the public square about these vitally important matters is fundamental because justice - as it relates to any of these issues - cannot exist without truth. (Isaiah 59:14)

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